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Download the best free models for Half-Life. You can download these Half-Life models for free from the biggest Half-Life library on the internet. Fast easy and free downloads.
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Buster Tiny Toon Pack screenshot Half-Life 918 downloads | 11.16 MB
Half-Life 597 downloads | 858.99 KB
Here\'s a razor model which replaces your current crowbar model in Half Life! Another CDG product. ...
Half-Life 729 downloads | 3.16 MB
These are some pretty nice, high quality Half-life 1 weapon models/skins. Author's description: ...
Half-Life 483 downloads | 34.48 MB
This pack contains new super definition (SD) models, hl2 sounds, new decals, a crosshair, and much m...
Half-Life 664 downloads | 1.38 MB
Are you really bored to death of Gordans orange HEV suit! Yeah me too! Thats why this mod changes th...
Half-Life 495 downloads | 123.05 KB
Ok, if u ever played Sweet Half-Life (Hl1 single player mod) u probably noticed the cool machinegun ...
Half-Life 499 downloads | 284.93 KB
Ok, i made this skin becous when using the 357 it reminded me a bit of the scout on CS1.6 The ski...
Half-Life 687 downloads | 229.78 KB
The reason i made this skin is very simple. The crosbow is mostly one hit one kill, and what other w...
Half-Life 499 downloads | 217.14 KB
This model was former used in Counter-Strike1.6 zombie mods. I took this model and changed it scale ...
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