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A balance mod which changes many values. Top importance is a huge harvester income decrease. From 1400 to 800 for Green and from 2800 to 1200 for blue. There are so many changes that I can\'t cover them all. Rather, this is how the game played.

It is a whole lot slower, with plenty of tactical depth. Unit damage values are generally the same, but some units are more resistant to certain weapons. The changes do not make this a \'crazy mod\', but add another layer of strategical depth.

I was on my toes against a hard AI for the entire game. If there had been a human on the other side with its tactics, there\'s no telling who would have won. If you know how to play C&C3, you\'ll find this easy to pick up. Just dial up on the harvesters, and use the fewer units to do plenty of harassing.

This Almost feels like Tiberian Sun style gameplay.
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