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1.64 Updates:
GDI & NOD Silos generate $100 every 5 minutes, with a cap of 5 silos per-player.
GDI & NOD Engineers with a repair drone that repairs both units & structures.
Bombers, and the Scrin's Carrier highly resilient against gun fire (GDI AABattery excluded.)
Factory repair drones have larger repair radius.
Players can build off the build Radius of Allied Cranes.
Generalized weapon tuning and balancing to both GDI & NOD.
All Soldier classes buffed, durability improved, weapon damage increased.
All Commando classes can be squished like any other infantry class.
Enhanced impact/particle effects.
22 multi-player colors.

Scrin Stormcolums can no longer attack aircraft.
Scrin Battleships health, price, weapons all reworked.
Scrin Stasischamber heals all infantry class units.
Scrin Corrupter heals vehicles, buzzers, masterminds, and assimilators.
Scrin Corrupter no longer heals aircraft, or other corrupter's.
Scrin Devourer tank's Tiberium infusion weapon bug fixed.
Scrin Mastermind abilities fine tuned.
Scrin Buzzers durability improved.
Scrin Explorer no longer has repair drones.
Scrin Explorer stealths nearby units, (Land & Air) but not structures.

GDI Grenadier bug/exploit corrected.
GDI Orca Air strike buffed.

Nod Beam Cannon buffed, weapon range increased, durability improved.
Nod Fanatics Buffed, durability improved.
Nod Emissary has 2 repair drones.
Nod Avatar equipped with FlameTank & Beamcannon weapons when constructed.
Nod Beamcannon's weapon "stutter" bug corrected.
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