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Easy TM is a program that primarly allows you to automatlcally download and install files from certain website, it has a whole host of other features and is a really great program to use,

See the list of sites it works with here http://www.tmup-links.org/index.php?page=websites )

Supported languages :
- French
- English
- German
- Dutch

Main optional features :
- Tracking TMUP install
- Uninstall tool
- Fully skinable
- TM direct launcher
- TMUP Pack ans Lists wizards (by Thoun)
- Map Checker : maps analyser
- Profile Saver : auto profile backup
- Default Mod Swapper : Swap a zipped mod to the default environment
- Config Swapper : Starts TM with alternative configuration file
- Community tools launcher (ServerMania, Easy Mod Downloader, Easy Locator, Easy Updater)
- Community websites
- Automatic update with Easy Update by Alf.red
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