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The missions are:

German Raid
File Name: German Raid (384.5 KB)
Author: Gascan (Uploaded by Gascan)
Date Added: 18 Jan 09
Description: German BC raid the coast of England early in 1915.

Fleetwork Training01--Deploying 5BS
File Name: Fleetwork Training01--Deploying 5BS (754.2 KB)
Author: Bullethead (Uploaded by Bullethead)
Date Added: 17 Jan 09
Description: A tutorial scenario to practice putting and independent battle squadron on combat heading while shifting its DDs from ASW screen to surface action position. Includes illustrated tutorial (.doc).

Atlantic Breakout
File Name: Atlantic Breakout (358.4kb)
Author: Bryn Prinzgauer (Uploaded by Bryn Prinzgauer)
Date Added: 11 Jan 09
Description: I read an article on the potential for the Germans to have used their battlecruisers as commerce raiders in WW1 (see http://www.gwpda.org/naval/ignbcrdr.htm) . This suggested that single battlecruisers would have made good potential raiders. Here I imagine such a raider attempting to break out into the Atlantic.

The Birthday Party
File Name: The Birthday Party (361.7 KB)
Author: Bryn Pinzgauer (Uploaded by Bryn Pinzgauer)
Date Added: 01 Jan 09
This battle involves light forces (destroyers and light cruisers) only. The premise (which is not, perhaps, highly realistic) is that a small German force has been intercepted whilst trying to mine the approaches to Liverpool.

Northern Strike
File Name: Northern Strike (314.9 KB)
Author: Raptor1 (Uploaded by Raptor1)
Date Added: 31 Dec 08
The SMS Brummer and SMS Bremse attack a Norway-bound convoy east of Lerwick
To install the missions extract and copy the RJB file sinto data folder.
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