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Paradox Interactive today announced the release of a new patch for Victoria II that brings numerous improvements to the acclaimed grand strategy game. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
- AI Improvements
- Tweaked the AI logic for techs and Gas.
- AI will now recruit as many generals as possible.
- AI is now better at assigning leaders.
- AI should now research naval techs correctly.
- National focus AI will now remove focus from colonization attempts that are far behind an opponents colonization attempt of the same region.
- All AI countries will no longer pick the same option on events that all countries get simulatiously.
- Added more AI chance factors to techs, mainly to encourage late game factory unlockers.
- Further fixes to capitalist AI
- AI will now turn off subsidies more intelligently
- AI chance added to lots of Army/Navy techs.
- Upped AI chance on researching new ship types some more.
- AI is more likely to increase military spending if low amount of soldiers.
- AI will nolonger attempt to colonize regions where someone elses colonization is way ahead.
- AI can now delete factories.
- Fixed some Naval AI issues
- Improved Naval AI strait blocking and guarding
- Optimized an AI pathfinding check (ShouldGoByLand)
- fixed: Does the AI know how to remove factories?
- fixed problem with the ai trying to upgrade buildings that aren't there
- fixed Capitalist AI build logic: Single Closed Factory in State under L-F Government
- Fixed a bug which caused the AI to always disband at least one regiment at each reload.
- The AI learned to not build engineers instead of infantry.
- Army AI: Fixed an odds bug where the AI would grossly underestimate enemy strength
- Army AI: Improved odds calculation to look at more factors

- Gamebalance Changes
* Pops
- Clergy promotion now check clergy levels, not officer levels.
- A few immigration-attracting effects now also increase assimilation rate.
- Reduced default assimilation rate by 25%.
- Citizenship policies now increase assimilation rates.
- Continents can now affect provinces, which currently just sets assimilation rate depending on continent.
- Having political and social reforms enacted increase the angryness of political party being appointed.
- Low literacy POPs are now far less likely to promote
- Soldiers are now less likely to become craftsmen if you spend money on them.
- Farmers and Labourers at
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