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AkiraClassPlus -
Features all eras Akira Class first TNG era ready and revised weapons,
textures, additions, and ships for my latest addons and upcoming star
mod addons, also error listings and readme with a different type of pack

First, it has my final Akira Class TNG ships, faster than any of the
others and as strong as an Excelsior Class. It will be the only TNG to
not use my soon to be done TNG crew.

Second, there is my revision to the texture-weapon file cj_fctex including
multiple fixes and some texture additions for the TNG files as well as
model and texture fixes, it is the Beta version and the next release will
be the final.

Third, is the final Endeavour (Q5ST) addon with revisions, improved bridges
and a new ship (Note this addon as well as the ones featured in the weapon
file were to give a rounded style of eras from TOS to TNG for those who
prefer just one era or a few addons).

Fourth, I have also revised my Excelsior Class and released it due to two
parts, first I wanted you to have a variant that was not to weak for TNG
eras, and second I wanted you to have the variant with the USS Excelsior
hero I use myself.

Fifth, flight on the Akira, USS Excelsior, and USS Essex are all of the
improved type and the disembarking problem seems to be resolved on the
USS Excelsior as well the Akira does fine even though it is the largest
craft with successful and decent flight.

Please note that the future versions of the weapon addon will be compatible
with the older versions of it (exp. as saved in a mission pre-final variant)
as well as work with other addons I have built previously using it. There
is also a brief description of the anti air beam weapons included in the
readme, so you can use them if you like on my other addons or on any unit
you would like to add it to (A detailed wepons stat for this file will come
with the later final version).

It may be a while before I have the Final ready due to the other addons I
am working on as well.

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