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- OFP Resistance v1.96; builded and tested with OFP GOTY Edition v1.96


- Kegety\'s Winter Kolgujev (

- Kegety\'s Winter Vehicles (

- Ash\'s Winter Armoured Pack (

- General Barron\'s Editor Update (ftp://ftp.gamepark.cz8021/ofpd/unofaddons2/


You\'re in command of a West armoured squad on Kolgujev in winter time. You must destroy an enemy Main Head
Quorters in order to somewhat handicap numericly much stronger oponant, and to open the door for the planned
offensive. You must cross two thirds of the island, which is mostly in enemy hands, via northern road to succeed.


This is a fully blooded tank mission. It can be long and challenging, but it really depends from your \'angle of
approach\'; how you\'re able to use the potential of yours (and some other) units, it depends from your tactical
decisions, how the enemy will (re)act on your actions, and yes, even from the luck on the battlefield.

Shortly after the mission starts, you\'ll receive an option to reinforce your 3 Abrams squad with an aditional unit:
a Vulcan or a Cobra helicopter. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, and the enemy in some ocasions
reacts on each of your choices differently. Also you\'ll have a Repair truck under your command; it will join you
after the fourth unit will join your squad, or after the end of provided 1 minute time limit. The options mentioned
above, and other aspects in the mission adds some randomness, which gives the mission some aditional depth, and
increase the replayability factor.

There\'s a total of six(6) saves in the mission: two retrys cames with the completition of the objectives,
then a standard save, and 3 retrys, which the player can access thru the Radio Command (0-0-0).


I suggest everyone give this a try :) , or maybe just me , I like tanks missions.
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