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Box art for U.S.S. Premonition For: Star Trek: Armada
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Commanded by captain Deming, he led this starship fighting a hopeless battle against the Borg invasion until he and what was left of Starfleet had no other alternative but to rescend the Temporal Prime Directive and make use of Federations' latest research into temporal technology. Docking at Starfleets' last remaining functional shipyard located in the outskirts of Federation space, the Premonition has undergone the refitting process to equip her with an experimental temporal core however due to certain unique and unavoidable energy fluctuations during construction and installation the Borg emmediately detected and realized what the remaining human resistance was trying to do. The Borg launched all available ships with explicit orders to destroy the source of the temporal readings and all remainig ships and facilities in the area. A massive engagement took place with the last remnants of Starfleet in hopes of delaying the Borg until the refit of the U.S.S. Premonition was complete and the drive can be engaged. Shortly before installation was complete all Federation ships were destroyed and the Borg began their bombardment of the shipyard, furtunately the refit was done but not before the Premonition took heavy damage to key systems, however the temporal drive didn't take any direct hits and was fully functunal so with his trembeling breathe captain Deming orders his helmsman to set course for history....
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