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In vanilla ArmA 2, the vehicles only have one firing point for each type of weapon. So for example, missiles on the Avenger only fire out of the left pod, or the Tunguska's cannons only fire from one of the left barrels. This addon properly simulates the weapons firing from their correct places.

This addon contains a few simple scripts that fix the simulation of bullets and missiles firing from the correct places on BIS vehicles.
This addon enhances the following vehicles:
Mi24 (all factions & varients)
ZU23 (all factions)
Shilka (all factions)
Ural ZU23 (all factions)
BRDM ATGM (all factions)
Avenger HMMWV
BM21 GRAD (all factions)
Igla AA Pod
Stinger AA Pod
Ka52 (both varients)
Su25 (all factions & varients)

All gun barrels, rocket and missile launchers are correctly simulated for these vehicles.
This addon contains only scripts, no config changes to vehicles or weapons.

In addition, this addon includes a system that allows addon makers to easily enable multiple barrels/launch positions for new vehicles using
only model and config changes and little scripting knowledge. Please see the readme for more information.
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