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This is all the changes fom the very first file it is constantly getting more stuff but the change log only gets updated every ne version.

Change log:
-Add swip Cam with PageUp/PageDown, Reset with "End"
-Add Marker for building radius HQ/MHQ Turn On/Off with "F1" in the RTS Interface
-Add Upgrade "Support" to increase work-distance of Support BMP, Mi17 and enable the Rearm Base
-Change Startposition of Players to middle of map to avoid crashes in the mountain
-Changed Import from Plane to Chopper to avoid dropping problems. The Chopper is going to land at the Heli H and will drop soldiers. Vehicles get spawned at the Vehicle Fac as soon as the chopper delivers the parts for the vehicles.
-Fixed: Cow and Meat transport Bugs
-Reduced UPS Patrols in towns
-Moved AI Spawn locations to make easier pathfinding (better performance)
-Startplane locked now
-Modified cowbirth chance
-Reduced Gamemodes: I removed 250k, 1million, East Coop, West Coop. Remaining: Joint Coop - renamed to COOP, Adversial +Air+Base Destruction renamed to Adversial Destruction, Adversial +Air+500k - renamed to Adversial 500k. Added: Free gameplay without Endtrigger.
-adjusted dialogs
-removed formations (not working)
-enabled 1.04 parameters: Terraindetail, AI Number, Start Money, MHQ Price

-Added Right Drag of Cam does not cancel Buildmode any more
-Added Mash build will generate a healing trigger around it to automatically heal units (Kindof "Man")
-Added Supermarket got new features: Every 20 minutes the trader will get new objects to sell.
- In the basic version 3 objects either cows or meat.
With new Upgrade "Shopper" 5 Objects and additionally magazines
With new Upgrade "Discounter" 9 Objects and aditionally weapons
- Added a Background for the Unitlist and Formationlist on the left when you select units in the RTS Interface
- Update of the Briefing

- unknown

- Cleanup Dialog and redesign
- Improved Mouse moving in RTS Interface (short right click = waypoint, long right click = move screen)
- Added WASD movement of RTS Interface
- RTS Interface rotatable (Q/E)
- Added Fog of war instead of movement limitation

- You can access the main buildings with M(MHQ), H(Head Quarter), V(Vehicle Factory), A(Air Factory), S (Cow Shed), C(Cow Factory) and T(Supermarket).
I planned to restructre the dialogs in one of the next version to make more useful dialogs bound to the buildings, so far there are the old dialogs bound to the buildings as i thought it may be useful.
- Scrolling changed from display border to right mouseclick (almost as you are used from the ArmA map). The cam bounces sometime but i did not got the reason for that yet so i could not fix. If you think you found the reason feedback is very much appreciated!
- Buildings got a blue frame when selected
- You can add units to a selection with holding Shift
- You can subtract units from a selection with holding Ctrl
-The never ending story with the JIP-Where are you bug: Version 0.4 now copies the units from a disconnecting player to a new group with his Uid before deleting them. The CEO is then able to control the units as all other units with the Hi-Command module
- Additionally i "unlocked" the transfer Unit button for more cases. The CEO
can now transfer, kill and disband almost all units on his side. This also means he can move a unit from player 2 group to player 8 group even if he is not in these groups. This enables the CEO to give the Units from a disconnected player back to him, when he reconnects to the server.
This feature is not fully stable, so i think it is sometimes possible to transfer a player to another group which will destroy the rest of the mission. Please be careful with clicking there, theres also a little sleep inside causing latency which is dangerous for "Fastclickers"....
(will be improved in next version of course).

- optimized with triggers for the UPS-Patrols
- fix: bug with the AI group leaders on the respawn island
- changed: JIP Bug i tried a solution now to create a new group when a player disconnects

-Fix: MHQ couldn't be bought after building support BMPs
-Fix: Resistance using west vehicles when selecting Coop West AI Module
-Fix: Resistance spawning endless number of base defender doing nothing once a static gun has been destroyed and repaired by them again
-Feature: Hovering mouse over a unit's picture card will show the health, fuel, magazine count and the shots left in the current magazine
-Feature: Support BMP can attach vehicles just like the support chopper
-Feature: Added tank shelter template
-Feature: Added viewdistance settings
-Feature: Unit selections can now be saved to the keys 1,2,3 and 4
-Game Balance Tweak: New cows start with 0 meat. At a certain amount of cows, it was better to meatgrind a newborn cow instead of letting it grow
-Game Balance Tweak: Lowered prices for aircrafts
-Workaround: To prevent the "Where are you" sound loop bug with JIP, all units of the disconnected player will be killed. Vehicles will be teleported to the vehicle factory.

-non public beta version

v0.2d Beta
- Reverted the tractor "fix" of 0.2c
- Fix: Tractors tend to sell in one town only in certain situations
- Fix: Improved automatic meat selling algorithm. They should sell the meat in more than one town simultaneously now.
- Fix: Cows and crates are vanishing when playing with high latency
- Feature: Glow balld above the units will indicate wther unit has no fuel or no ammo left
- Feature: R key will refuel the selected unit (singular) if there is a fuel truck nearby
- Feature: Backspace will stop a moving unit
- Feature: Added towns: Pusta and Vyshnoye

v0.2c Beta
- Fix: Not possible to properly grab the best cow at the southern pasture
- Fix: Tractors stopped moving without any reason. Hopefully fixed.
- Fix: AT tower rotating by itself on steep slopes
- Fix: Impossible to fix destroyed static guns
- Feature: Added MG nest with preplaced DSHKM
- Feature: Added MG bunker with three preplaced DSHKMs
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